Isaac Djan told Citi News that over the years he has been monitoring the exploits of Bernard Avle in the Ghanaian media landscape and the gesture is to show appreciation to Mr. Avle for the transformation he is bringing into the country through his work.

Mr. Djan added that, Bernard Avle has made a great impact in the Ghanaian society through the Citi Breakfast Show which he believes is the most listened and watched morning show in Ghana.

Isaac Djan who is currently pursuing an MPhil in Art Education at the University of Education, Winneba admonished parents to stop discouraging their children who want to pursue art as a career.

He indicated that art has helped him a lot and has become part of his life.

“The technique I used in executing Mr. Avle’s portrait is called Pyrography. Pyrography is the art of drawing with fire. I am currently able to pay part of my fees, rent hostel and do other things because of art. This shows that art is not bad at all as perceived by some parents in the country.”

He further urged parents not to force their children to pursue some specific careers especially when they show interest in taking arts as their profession.

“After school, most people are looking up to the government for employment but with art you can start something on your own. Therefore, Parents need to support their children who are into art with the tools they need to pursue their talent,” he said.